A downloadable The rich's pit for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hi, Unai (the creator) here. This was the first game I seriously tried to finish. 

Didn't work, but had a lot of fun doing it. So I suppose this is how everything started. I have it here as a sort of a tribute, to remind me where I fell in love with creating video games. 

If you wish to see how much I've improved, go to the main page! You may also play "Goblins and Orcs" a remaster of this game that is completed!

Hope you like it.

About the game:

"The rich's pit" it's a 2d fighting game based in the co-op system and inspired by smash bros and the old arcade games.

The game it's made to be played in local co-op.

Version Updates:

In version 1.7 the game has implemented:

  1. Level creator
  2. Co-op game with abilities


Created by: unai6666

Tested: Kazuma

Sprites:  https://itch.io/profile/0x72

Icons: http://game-icons.net/ (changed colours)


The rich's pit (Windows Version) 91 MB
The rich's pit (Linux).rar 104 MB
The rich's pit (Mac Version).rar 57 MB

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