Wizarder: A story, 2 years in the making.

Today is the 1st anniversary of the first and last devlog I did on wizarder on Itch.io. 

That blog was written by a teenager that needed to finish a school project with a good mark to enter a good university.

Going back to those days feels really weird to me. I was quarantined most of the time, alone, and pretty much depressed every day. But somehow, having something to do every day made me happy. 

During all this years I've seen a lot of interviews to Indie developers where they tend to explain to you how hard game development is. 

And yes, they are completely right, you do a lot of extra hours, and you put a lot of time and love into a passion project that you don't even know If you are going to finish or if somebody is ever going to play it. But for me, this journey felt different. I was a 16-year-old boy when I started working on wizarder, and since then, I've grown up so much. 

And now, a year later after that first post was posted and two years since development started , the game enters the pre-access state. And I can only feel proud watching my creation go outside to be seen and played by others.

Jeez, this has been such a long journey. And I would do it 100 times more.

Go play Wizarder. You'll love it. Probably.

Unai Estavillo Bonet (Developer of Wizarder)

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